Why I’m cleaning the dishwasher

Dishwasher Cleaning is an oxymoron surely? After all, the wonderful machine cleans my dishes so that I don’t have to. Especially after using every available bowl to make chocolate muffins with the natives.

But I noticed the dishes weren’t coming out as clean, not quite as sparkly and as I looked closer I saw….. duh, duh,duh, duh, DUH!

wp-1479160306031.jpgYuk and double yuk. Once I’d seen this I couldn’t un-see the grime but I tried to ignore it. I tidied and cleaned other places just to avoid it. I left the house and went shopping for stuff that I did not need.

I tried and tried until there was a moment when the monster was napping, I was surprisingly on top of the survival list, the house was calm and tidy (aka: no mess was obviously in sight) and I had a brief moment of stillness and instead of watching a show and/or eating the kids snacks – surely I’m not the only one who does this – I grabbed the kitchen spray and a paper towel and gave the machine a wipe……


wp-1479160326868.jpg Ewwwwwww; I abandoned the paper towels. Made myself a cuppa. Grabbed the cleaning rags, put on the marigolds and attacked the dishwasher.

I should have taken more photographs but still, I want you to imagine a cleaner dishwasher. Imagine a red-faced me. A pile of icky cloths. And cleaner dishes.

From start to finish it took me a little over 20 minutes. 20 minutes that I’d been avoiding and you know what? I’ll most probably try to avoid it in the future too. I’m buying some machine cleaner, getting husband to clean the filter (I’ve been advised they have one having never looked nor read the manual) and I’m going to try to be a little more mindful of giving the sides a quick wipe when I next have that extra minute.

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