My two year old had more clothes than her parents put together, you notice the had?

wp-1477930850806.jpgAfter the loft discovery of four boxes of clothes there was no way for me to ignore it, I needed to sort through her clothes. Again.

Yes, again. I’d only just said goodbye to her beautiful sun dresses and sandals and after bringing all of the clothes downstairs I sorted them into piles. Trousers, long sleeved tops, short sleeved tops, dresses, jumpers, tights.

Not the most of exciting of tasks but as I looked at and touched each item I looked out for stains/anything that I simply didn’t like and popped it in a charity bag. Hooray ‘rubbish’ is always the easiest thing to go.

If you’re thinking I also checked the size of each garment, then no, the monster is almost 3 years old and still fits in some 18-24. Size is actually my very last step with the kids clothes (weird but it works in this house) But as she is smaller I went through the trousers first and picked out the jeans/cargo pants to live under her bed till Christmas – hopefully she’ll fit in them then!

I spent over an hour then making outfits for her to wear. Something I never even had to think of with the boy. Each outfit was folded and put in her clothes box to wear. Seriously, this makes my morning run so much easier and, if something doesn’t fit then off it goes to charity or under the bed.

wp-1478466477363.jpgLook how much I’ve almost got out the house!

The black bag for charity. The other bags for a friend to look through before I give them to charity. Included in there are all the short sleeved tops, I totally almost kept them except there weren’t enough trousers to pair them with.

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