Do you know what’s in your loft?

Christmas decorations are a given, boxes of books, keepsakes from your childhood/the kids, next seasons clothes, maybe some camping equipment, the list no doubt goes on. Honestly though I can’t tell you exactly what is in there apart from the fact that I got hubby to put up three large boxes of books the other day while asking him to bring down the winter clothes.

“You can’t just keep putting stuff up here” he calls “Sure I can” I reply lightly “When its full then we’ll empty it and go though everything”‘

Totally not the right attitude to have, right? But I’m sticking to it until the ceiling collapses.


Then he brought down two bags of winter clothes and FOUR boxes of clothes for the monster. Two boxes of 18-24 months and two boxes of 2-3 year clothes. Guess what size she’s just outgrowing…..?

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