Just throw it away


I have no idea how long these have had a hole but today I threw them straight in the bin. I stopped what I was doing (hanging the washing) made a detour and threw them away.

Be honest, how many times have you put on a pair of socks only to see a hole? If never, then well done you and enjoy the feeling of being awesome. If the answer is fairly often because you’re generally in a rush and either a) wear the holey sock or b) put it to the side to be dealt with later…… then you’ll know that said holey sock will end up getting washed and going through option a and b over and over again.

So after my successful binning of the boxers I brought all of my socks downstairs and sorted through them while watching the TV. Not the most of exciting of evenings but I have the sense of a job done and no holey socks for a while.

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