Do you sort your laundry?

Recently on a very active Facebook page about household organisation I saw lots of people sorting clothes before they washed them. One lady sorted into about six different piles! I thought this was slightly, more than slightly actually, quite mad. You see, up until about six months ago I’d never sorted the clothes washing into different piles. Not even the cloth nappies went in a separate wash. Everything, absolutely everything was chucked in the machine and turned on a 40 standard wash.

But six months ago our lovely old reliable washing machine went kerpunk. Right when we needed it the most, this of course is when there’s a sickness bug in the house. Thank god for lovely neighbours who will wash a sodden half-washed load of laundry at 10pm. Love and hugs to the parents who each dealt with bags of icky bedding and towels.

Finally a new and shiny Samsung washing/drying machine arrived. And turned all my whites in the first general mixed wash GREY!

Not surprisingly I now separate my clothes into lights and darks. And I’m currently trying to sort into whites, colours and blacks to see if I can see a difference in the greying of all the blacks. My Mum swears doing this will keep my blacks blacker but my main question is….where do you keep the separate piles of laundry awaiting the wash?

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