Sleep deprived ramblings – What being tidy means to me

The children’s den which took over my living room!

It’s been a week and I just know I’m not the only one who gets overwhelmed, so overwhelmed that I was too embarrassed to take pictures of my house. Not only was every flat surface piled with stuff (we couldn’t even eat at the table *blush*) but the piles had started to spread to the floor!

I’d tell you that I spent the weekend furiously cleaning and while it’s true that the house is back to its normal liveable state I don’t feel like I did nothing but clean. I went to see friends, the kids went to their swimming lessons and I even had a nap. I needed the nap, truly needed it and I still need a nap just to catch up as the monster is being, well, a monster.

Monsters aside my sleep deprived brain started thinking about what being tidy means to me. If you roll your eyes at the thought and think imbecile, being tidy is its own reward then I’m sorry but my brain just don’t work that way.

If you think that being tidy is so that you can have people round without being embarrassed or you even go out of your way not to have people round because of the state of your house; then again this doesn’t work for me either. I still invite people round if the house is a state, I’ll run round like a headless chicken trying to hide dirty dishes and rubbish but the general mess of stuff remains.  I figure that if people are coming over to see me then they actually want to see me and will kindly ignore having to step over toys, dodging the piles of clothes and currently having to walk around the den the kids have made.

This morning, yes it took a few days, I think I figured out what getting the house tidy and organised means to me.

It means more time.

Not more time tidying, that would just be silly but more time doing the things that I want to do.

So how does spending more time now getting the house tidy mean more time later? I’ll give you an example (ooooh, I feel all school teachery): This morning whilst half asleep I got the kids clothes for the day and didn’t have to even think about what they needed to wear, I just grabbed from the appropriate (neat) piles and threw them down the stairs. No searching for school/nursery bags as I already knew where they were. I even knew where all the shoes were – in the shoe box. (p.s. the shoes totally do not always find their way to the box)

It’s a little thing but having the clothes, bags and shoes tidy and organised gave me more time this morning not to feel rushed or angry that nothing was where it was supposed to be. I even had time to dry my hair – shock – gasp of amazement!

One day I would love to have a picture perfect house, organised beautifully much like those lovely pictures you see, but for now I would like to find everything in my house a home. When everything has a place that it belongs and routines are in place, like my having the kids clothes organised, I will be able to spend less time fighting the mess and more time on my family and I.

I’ll get there one day, even if it’s a distant dream at the moment

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