When you can’t put off tidying the toy corner any longer

Toys are the first thing you see when you walk in my house, you’ll probably have to avoid stepping on toys to get to the sofa and, quite often, just to get in the door. And while I’m sticking to the rule of always having something in my hands the something is rarely a toy unless they leave the living room area. I find the mess of toys irritating but truly not irritating enough to put them away after each use as often, the simple act of tidying the toys away make them the toys that the kids want to play with right now and any just tidied box of toys must, according to the monster at least, must be emptied immediately  to see why it was tidied in the first place.

So, the house often has toys dotted around everywhere but always, always lots in the living room because I believe that my darlings will only be little once, that free play is important to their development, blah, blah, blah and maybe, just maybe I can’t be bothered.

Hence we do a nightly toy pick up which consists of throwing putting them behind the sofa where they are out of sight and out of mind for the evening. But every so often, like this weekend, I go sit down and tidy the toys. Don’t the tidy toys look nice and neat in the second picture? This is how I went about it.

  1. Now I’m not sure how other people approach such a mess but I sat down and made a bigger one. All the toys went on the floor so that I had to deal with each and every one. I completely emptied the shelves and that’s when I noticed how wobbly the shelves were.
  2. So I made myself a large cup of coffee and fixed the shelves with my trusty screwdriver along with my little helper who thought that climbing the shelves was the greatest game ever.
  3. Anything that looked like rubbish went straight in the bin, no passing go, no putting it to one side to be forgotten about and definitely no letting the kids see. (my son once saw a cardigan of his in the charity bag on the road, needed it immediately and wore it for the week, despite not touching it for the six months previous)
  4. Because I actually emptied the shelves I had to handle each toy and any toy that the kids hadn’t played within a while when into a box. I didn’t throw them away or give them to charity, I’m not quite that mean, but it has been hidden away in the black hole aka the utility room.
  5. The toys left over got put together in like for like groups in the containers I had to hand. Action figures went in a shoe box, all kitchen stuff went in the pink box, cars in a drawer, guns and swords in the blue box and I’m sure you get the picture.

Hell, just throwing away the rubbish and removing the lesser played with toys made a big difference.

I wonder how you tidy your toy corner?

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