On survival mode – Freezer Food

For our delicious meal tonight we are having chili, rice and nachos. Tomorrow is most possibly pasta, it depends what grabs my fancy when I look in the freezer. And the freezer is full, so full that my carefully labelled drawers have been invaded. The meat drawer has been overtaken by bread rolls and savory muffins are hiding in the veg drawer.

Eating out of the freezer for the next few weeks might mean that we have a few interesting meals (I hope that I’ve labelled everything, no one like defrosting a curry looking sauce to find out it’s actually soup!) but it’s great to empty it do several things, in particular being:

  1. Find things easily. When the kids are demanding food and you just know there are fish fingers in the freezer but you can’t find the bloody things even though you’ve rummaged blindly through the freezer twice and the freezer is beeping because the door is open and the monster is looking through your legs shouting ice-cream, because – of course ice cream is always easy to see, I think it would be really lovely to open the freezer and to see the fingers of the fish straight away.
  2. Make a holiday drawer. We are off on holiday next month and as it’s self-catering I plan to take most of our meals so that they just need a quick reheat. After that, well it’s the big C word in two months and I’d like to start getting prepared as I’m hosting this year. Gulp, first time since the kids arrived.
  3. Do a meat order. I like using Muscle Food but feel bad when I don’t support local businesses so I want to do a large meat order from my local butcher. He’s said he’ll deliver to me and so I just need to make a list, find space and figure out what I want need to order. (I want to order fillet steak and lamb and duck and all the nice things but nice isn’t always practical)
  4. Clean the drawers. It would be nice to put my hand in the freezer and to not touch something sticky or oily (I tried to freeze cubes of Tom Yum paste, it was not a good idea) to not get crumbs under my nails and to drop the odd pea on the floor. If I can get at least one drawer empty then I can clean a drawer at a time, maybe even list what is in there that which needs to be ate.

Getting the freezer clean and organised helps me feel like I have an area of my house under control. If the house’s a mess, it’s been a busy day and the fridge is running low or we’re running short on time, well at least I can feed the family without a fuss.

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