We’re on survival mode

I’m working overtime for the next three weeks and this means that there’s less time to tidy. Less time to make a mess too. But making a mess takes so much less time.

Soo, here we are on survival mode for the next few weeks which means that we are eating out of the freezer and doing the basics to keep the household running on clean clothes and dishes.

Here is my daily survival  list:

  1. Cook dinner and defrost the next day’s meal.
  2. Empty and fill the dishwasher, most likely after dinner.
  3. Quick toy pick up (aka throw them all behind the sofa)
  4. Fold the dry clothes, hang up the damp clothes, fill and put on the washing machine.
  5. Wipe down the shower

To be honest it’s taken me a good while to realise that these jobs must be done to stop the household being overwhelmed. Well, maybe not cooking dinner, I’ve never forgotten to feed myself!


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