Never walk around empty handed

ToysWe went round and visited a new friend the other day and she did something that surprised me. She put things away after they had been used! I’m not kidding; after our two year old’s had finished playing with a box of toys – she tidied them straight away.

I find this absolutely amazing. I mean, how did she learn to do this? How does she not think oh, I’ll do it later or simply push it out of sight?

While I’m not sure that I’ll ever get to the stage where I automatically put things away (and I’m secretly hoping that the said friend had spent the morning frantically cleaning like I do when there are guests coming round) I now know one of the secrets of tidying up.

Never walk around empty handed.

Sounds simple? It really is when you take the time to think about it and yet I often simply don’t see things that are out of place or in the way. Rather, I do see them, I just push them to back of mind to deal with later. Perhaps you are sensing a theme? But when I do walk upstairs to get the kids uniforms carrying the clean clothes, throw down the dirty clothes, take down the water glasses along with the uniforms, put the dirty clothes in the machine, any rubbish in the bin and the toys in the living room…well, the whole house looks that little bit tidier for not much effort.

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