Turns out four hours isn’t long enough

Because that’s what I had today. Four hours by myself to tidy the house and I had plans to get ahead on with some cooking and deal with the tomatoes and apples a neighbor had dropped off.

I walked from room to room moving stuff to their appropriate places. Toys were put in misters room. Books were put in monsters room. Dirty washing, both clothes and cups, were taken to the kitchen and all rubbish was thrown straight away. I even changed the boy’s bedding. I hovered the whole house, emptied the dishwasher, filled the dishwasher and did the same to the washing machine.

By 2pm the house looked clean and tidy. But I didn’t have time to prep any food.

Since I did have time to have a bath and to read a book within those four hours I know I need to manage my time and priorities differently.

What I need is a cunning plan, which I have plenty of time to think up before my next period of aloneness (yes,I know it’s not a word), and I’m going to do it too.

It really was awesome to walk round the house and not to see anything obviously out of place!imag1198

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