I can now walk to my window in the dark

without falling over or stepping on something. Yes, I tided the mess after living with it for weeks. I bet most people would have put the clothes away once they’d been folded. Put the dirty trousers in the wash and thrown away the dress as soon as their resident monster had bitten a hole through it. (she’s two and was being a puppy)

Just sorting the pile of clothes into different piles and moving said clothes to the appropriate rooms made my bedroom floor look better. I put away my clothes and closed the drawers. Filled the bag with everything that didn’t belong in my room and it’s now living in the hallway where it’s very visible and annoying in the hope that I will deal with it soon.

I even made the bed.

There’s a real sense of satisfaction when I look at my bedroom floor now. If you angle yourself to take in the bed and drawers, you can’t see the boxes pushed next to the wardrobe and the room looks perfect.

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