I’ve realised that I need to change first

img_20160611_113808366When I started thinking that I wanted to have a tidy house the majority of the time flylady seemed the solution. Every time I looked for house cleaning routines, tips on how to keep on top of everything, it came up.

The website wasn’t for me, it was just too much, too gushy, too bossy. So I joined the flylady group on MSE to get the daily lists and more realistic advice for me and did…nothing…..

And nothing again.

Eventually I made an effort to keep my sink area clean and tidy which lasted approximately two weeks. As I was the only one making an effort when the other half left dishes in the sink or brushed his breadcrumbs in there I got annoyed. There was most likely grumbling and comments such as what’s the point, bloody men and the like.

But you know, it’s weird that I didn’t like flylady as I like making lists. The distinction however is that I like writing lists and not doing them.

But I think overall that I learnt something from trying to get a shiny sink. It’s just that it’s taken me a few years to realise that I need to change before I expect other people to. That I have to take responsibility for the things I want changed to start with and only then can I nag remind the family to get little things ingrained such as taking dishes to the kitchen when they have finished with them.

I mean, if taking the dishes to the kitchen is a big deal for me them I should empathise with the sighs and eye rolls from the family. lol

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