Thank god for the marigolds

I did get myself a pair of marigolds yesterday and a good thing I did too. While searching through the spice drawer for smoked paprika I stuck my finger in something gooey. Sticky, black and gooey. Yuk.

Turns out under the many jars, odd garlic cloves and stock  cubes was a stock pot that had been squished. After pulling on the gloves and giving the drawer a quick wipe out I put everything back tidy discovering..

3 jars of cumin, 2 empty boxes of stock cubes, 3 unusable garlic cloves and an empty yeast tin which I filled with fajita mix. I also found a jar of coriander at the back, after I’d bought a new packet, obviously.

While I’m glad I had the marigolds and avoided sticky beef goo under my nails, what I’d really like to avoid is having to clean something that could be avoided. I’d like the spice drawer to remain neat and tidy, it’s much easier to find the spice I’m looking for after all, I’d like us not to be messy.

Because we are a generally untidy family. Spices get rummaged through and knocked over. Things get put down and not away. 15 minutes after blitzing the house it looks like Doctor Who has run through the place shouting emergency and throwing things.

He’d better stay away from my spice drawer from now on though

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